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G'day... Welcome to Broken Hill and the inspirational Outback of New South Wales. The vibrant rich earthy colours, the clear blue skies and its million star lit nights has drawn artists, film-makers and visitors to this very special place, a place that is well entrenched in Australia's mining, union and art history.


It packs a powerful emotional punch, this dark red soil and contrasting clear blue skies where the wedge-tailed eagle soars, appealing to something deep in our human souls. There's definitely a spiritual element in the back country, as the Aboriginal ancestors knew. The sunset at Mundi Mundi plains, when the wide horizon glows red and orange, you will swear you can see for three days.

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The back country is huge but the solitude is blissful, the fauna and flora is so unexpected with the big red kangaroos in their millions and the petals of the Sturt Desert Pea in its splendour. Whether sitting on the banks of the Darling River, exploring the wide open spaces of White Cliffs or having a drink with the locals, this land and its people are spectacular.


The city of Broken Hill is graphic testimony to the struggles of the mining pioneers. The 'tower mullocks' and headframes silhouetted at sunset tell the story of a treasure beyond the wildest dreams, a treasure that filled the coffers of a young nation and started building a union movement that led the world's workers out of an unsafe and unhealthy work place.

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Broken Hill has defied all the odds and has been established for over 125 years and is still a vibrant and interesting City that should be explored by all Australians so they can have a sense of where Australia once came from...






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